Drug and You, community based organization

Slovak language

Bachova 7, 82103 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel : +421-7-5220326
fax,answering machine : +421-7-5220293
e-mail : day@fad.phare.org

Who we are ?

Drug and You (DaY), a non-profit NGO, was formerly founded as a foundation in February, 1995, to address the need for citizen participation in drug prevention activities as the Slovak Republic moves toward a democratic, market-based economy.

Our mission :

Using all communication channels for dissemination of facts that would help young people exposed to drug offer in right decision. Our key messages are:

Own and joint projects :

  1. Drug prevention by computer programs (supported by WHO), teletext, Internet
  2. Help to Voluntary Drug Counsellors at Schools - meetings and info materials
  3. Discussions with students and pupils, individual counselling
  4. American and Slovak Drug Wars Stories- publication and series of articles, evaluation (planned)
  5. Drug prevention literature library corner
  6. International European Drug Abuse Treatment Training Project (with UNDCP)
  7. Multi-City Study (supported by Group Pompidou)

Present resources :